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2018 Graduates

 Mt. Olive is proud of our 2018 graduates;

Amiah S. Mayfield graduate of Atherton High Scool

 William Cummings II, Olivet Nazerene University graduate: MBA


Youth day 2018

Join us as we Celebrate our Risen Savior!! See the flyers below for activities or call the church office for more information!


Youth Movement Lock In 2018MIdnight Manna 2018Youth Day Sunday 2018


Men's Day 2018

Join is this Men's Day at the MOUNT!!!

Mens Day 2018





Mt. Olive CDs and DVDs

Mt. Olive is happy to offer for sale CDs and DVDs of sermons and more. You may place orders online or visit the Church Office Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 5:00pm. Click here for more information.

Mt. Olive Burns its Family Life Center $1.3 Mortgage

On Sunday, June 22, 2014 Mt. Olive held a 10am Worship Service dedicated to the elimination of debt in the form of a mortgage on it's Family Life Center building.

 Rev. Major A. Stewart, and the congregation responsively read a historic litany which ended in Reverend Stewart actually burning (a copy) of the mortgage.

Minister Michael A. Greer was invited as the guest speaker, and to participate in honor of his late father, former Mt. Olive Pastor, Reverend Roy I. Greer. The Family Life Center was the brainchild of Rev. Greer and his memory was honored as such.

Reverend Roosevelt Austin, who served as Mt. Olive's interim Pastor for a season, was on hand to provide remarks at the Family Life Center Dedication Dinner following the service.