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New Members & Visitor Information


Welcome to Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Our goal is for you to “Enter to worship and Depart to Serve.” You will find out what this goal means and how to prepare your heart to do it, by regularly attending Sunday Services, Sunday School Classes, Wednesday Bible Study and identifying a ministry that you are passionate about and want to serve in. Remember, Satan will not want to lose you to Jesus. By immersing yourself in Christian studies and activities, you are arming yourself against the lies and destruction Satan will bring to you.

You can also browse the About Us page to find out more information about Mt. Olive’s mission, vision and values. Visitors are encouraged to participate in all Sunday Services including Sunday School and Wednesday evening Bible Studies.

Visitors should see our Church Calendar link for more activities.

New Member Orientation

Mt. Olive offers a New Member Orientation Course to help new members become acquainted with their new church family and the tenets of our Baptist beliefs. As Pastor, I strongly advise all new members to attend this 4-5 week orientation. Classes are designed so that you can begin attending regardless of what lesson the class is currently studying. Upon your graduation, the teacher(s) will be glad to assist you in choosing the Sunday School Class that is right for you.

  • New Member Orientation helps new members get acquainted with the church on a spiritual and physical level. Orientation teaches new members the importance of our Baptist beliefs.
  • Class begins each Sunday @ 8:45 am. For 1 hour.
  • If you cannot attend, please let the church office know and an alternate time for your class will be made.
  • Please bring a pen or pencil and a Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, one will be provided.
  • All classroom materials will be provided and should be studied during the week and brought to each class.

Teens and Younger Children New Members

There are Orientation Classes for Youth that last 4-5 weeks and begin at the same time, 8:45 am. Youth Teachers will provide youth class materials.